Developer & Systems Administrator

Java Developer/Backend Developer, JS Developer, Web Developer & Linux/Windows Systems Administrator


You can find us on GitHub here. You can join our company by sending an application via our form (which you can find below)

Systems Administration

We feature the best systems administration services in the industry and we promise to never let you down!


We deal with the Systems Administration for SparkedHost, a company with 600+ concurrent users/clients!


We act as SparkedHost's 24/7 System Administration providing security, speed and setups to their 600+ concurrent users/clients dealing with terrabytes of active used RAM. We've teamed up with them to get you 10% off!

Plugin Development / SRW

We boast our Bukkit Java plugins developed by us and maintained by us. ServerRestartWarning having 260,000 downloads and all together boasting 500,000 downloads.

Private Hosting


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